20 Wall Design Ideas for Office that Increase Your Productivity in Your Work

Wall design ideas for office – What person wouldn’t want to work in an office that has cool interior designs and is filled with creative ideas? Everyone has the dream of working in such workplaces. Right? Selecting the right office wall design isn’t the most straightforward task.

Do you have looked at Google as well as Facebook office spaces? They are the true inspirations for the perfect office space. From sliding doors and hanging chairs, there are numerous odd and unique objects in these offices.

Are you attracted by these locations and are looking to design your office as inspiring as the ones above? You’re in the right spot! Today we present 100+ ideas for office wall designs that can alter the look for your workplace.

The days of employees worked in dull white workspaces. Today, you can find vibrant workplaces with distinctive designs. To make a comfortable environment, many aquarium enthusiasts have small, desktop aquariums within their offices in order to take care of their most loved freshwater fish in breaks.

It creates a wonderful setting for employees to work in, and impacts their productivity. You’ll notice that all these elements influence the efficiency of the business.

So why not check these stunning design ideas for your office walls and observe the changes for yourself!

Here are 20 ideas for office walls to make your walls a more inviting office space:

Wall for Open Conference Space

Image Credit: Avantisystemsusa.com

What do you consider an open conference space with stunning wall art? Don’t be a slave to the walls that are typical in your office. It’s time to decorate them in a playful way!

Make a note on The Wall

Source: Pinterest.com

Do you want to convey important information to your employees, but you don’t have the space to write? Do not worry, there’s an option, paint your wall large with chalkboard paint. You can now write down important things.

Portfolio Wall

Source: Canstockphoto.com

If your company is an agency for modeling which provides platforms for new models A portfolio wall is a perfect option for you. Display the pictures of your top models on the walls, in order that the next generation of models can draw inspiration from their models.

Wall Design Ideas for OfficeGreen Wall

Source: Indiamart.com

Green walls are among the most fashionable styles of walls that you will see everywhere, from the corporate offices or the family office. They’re simple to make and maintain minimal. Try the green walls that are on the walls in your office.

World Tour

If your job is connected to touring and traveling, this wall style is the best choice for you. Paint the prominent monuments or locations on the wall using vibrant and vibrant hues.

Movie Poster Wall

Source: Dreamstime.com

Another method to add some flair to your office walls is to make a film posters wall! Yes, you can do this wall, it’s a great and unique wall.

Bring Your Work on Wall

Source: Pinimg.com

If you’re an online media business that has websites that cover a variety of fields such as food travel, architecture, and travel, dedicate the whole wall to your work, it’s the easiest method to showcase your efforts to other people.

Wall of Fame

Source: Ryanlindahl.com

What’s more impressive than a wall of notoriety? Dedicate the whole wall to all the outstanding efforts your employees are making, and hang their certificates and prizes on the wall, and it also acts as a motivational tool for the entire workforce.

Fashion as Art – Wall Design Ideas for Office

Source: Sohucs.com

Are you an artist or fashion designer who wants to create a space that reflects your work? What do you think of this wall design? It’s the perfect choice for your job because it perfectly depicts the work you do.

Inspirational Quotes

Source: Amazon.com

An easy way to spread motivation to office workers is to post motivational phrases on the walls, such as ” Think outside the Box”, “It always seems impossible until you get it done” as well as ” set goal, push yourself, Move, don’t quit. No excuses, Be Awesome. You got this.”

Amazing Wall Paintings

It is impossible to get it wrong with wall art, so use huge wall art pieces or hang massive paintings on the walls.

Wall Design Ideas for Office: World Map

Source: 123rf.com

Create a world map for the walls of your conference space, but it’s not just a regular one. As with this wall, it has an original design, and you can mark the locations and add more interest.

Wall Stickers

Source: Pinterest.com

There’s also an easy way to make your walls look more attractive by using walls with wall decor. They’re easy to set up and take off and are available in many different designs of these.

Cover the Glass

Source: wp.com

Are you looking at a big office window that is causing you to feel uncomfortable? Then here is the ideal solution to solve this issue. It is best to cover it with window artwork. This will block out distracting outside noise and help you stay focused.

Color the Corridor

Source: wp.com

Don’t be fooled regarding the design of your office walls. You are able to only create art on the interior walls. Paint some colors on the wall surfaces of the hallway and the balcony, too.

Wall Calendar

Source: Amazon.com

Paint the wall using whiteboard paint to create a wall calendar. Not only is it a an excellent wall decoration it will also keep your calendar up to date and well-organized.

Use Textures

Source: Pinimg.com

Colors are an excellent and secure option for interior decor. However, if you are looking to create something unique, consider incorporating different textures, like wood.

Floating Shelves

Source: Houzz.com

Floating shelves = A great decor + More storage

What more do you need? Place some honeycomb-shaped or square-shaped shelves on your wall, as they’ll make an ideal design for your office’s wall.

Find Inspiration

Source: Hurimg.com

Find inspiration through the Flipkart office and build your own office similar to this.

Unusual Bike Racks Design

Source: Officesnapshots.com

Additionally, you can use different accessories, such as bicycles, that will fill your wall with usefulness.


What do you think about these wall designs for offices? Aren’t they unique and cool enough to express your job perfectly? Another plus aspect is that they can create the overall atmosphere of the workplace, a comfortable and positive place for employees.

And after all these changes, employees will appreciate and admire you more. It will be evident through their work! Make your walls more attractive by using these incredible walls designs concepts and make an unforgettable of your work to others.

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