16 Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors That We Love

Mid-century interior doors – Doors are a crucial element in the design of homes and security. They connect the inside and outside. As important as doors are, they aren’t just an external decoration but a crucial element to families in providing security and privacy. There is a wealth of machines and gadgets to ensure that the doors are correctly designed to offer security and safety.

While they are technologically advanced thing they are, they’ve also been able to preserve the look of doors.

From the variety of materials to the exquisite designs, interior doors have been a timeless design and style in the home decor even today. A lot of homebuyers today are sceptical about their exterior doors but what about doors in the interior?

The doors we have in our homes are spaces of transition that separate our living spaces to the bedrooms and dining and etc. They are an essential element of interior design because they provide a sense of distinctness to every space. Separate public spaces range that range from semi-private spaces to totally private spaces. Without doors our spaces would be insufficient and be lost in their originality.

Home decor has experienced radical changes and adopted a variety of different styles. The practices of decorating have been influenced by various historical architectural styles. These styles aren’t taken in the same way as they were prior to but have been redesigned to align with current trends. The one style that has been able to remain timeless is mid-century modern.

It’s true, since its initial appearance during the 1930s, this style has endured and been extensively embraced by buyers of homes due to its simple and flexible character. Mid-century modern is considered being an evergreen fashion statement choosing an Mid-century contemporary design for your interior door is an elegant and minimalist choice.

Now, What Are Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors?

Image Credit: Thearchitecturedesigns.com

Mid-Century Modern Doors possess the characteristics of being minimal and elegant in style. They lack ornamentation or articulation. Mid-century modern doors is easy to recognise when it is elegant and sleek lines, backed by the background of simple materials.

In the 1930s, it was popular and developed into a popular style throughout the 1950s and the 60s. However, it took an unintentional detour, it came back after a couple of years, when a Texas-based business revived it.

Here are a few of the attributes of the Mid-Century Door for the interior

  • Simple lines that emphasised the elegance of the doors
  • Wooden Construction that is exquisite and classy
  • Lites Doors
  • Natural Appearances that focus on showcasing the wood’s real shades
  • Minimal Color Tone
  • Door handles that are sleek and stylish, as well as other fixtures
  • The utilisation of brass and other metals to create finishing

The Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors That We Love

Image Credit: Destinationeichler.com

There is a wide range of mid-century doors offered in the market in terms of sizes, colours and prices. It is essential to ensure that they select the doors that match your overall colour scheme as well as colour scheme to ensure that the doors are a part of the overall decor without becoming the focal point.

If your interior décor is influenced by mid-century modern architecture, ensure that all components are in harmony with one another. It is possible to achieve this by creating a mood board for comparing all your materials against each other.

Double Doors

Image Credit: Architecturesideas.com

A double door designed for interior areas has a certain amount of style and elegance when used. It is a great feature for your dining room and bedrooms, making the appearance of a classic and elegant. Double doors can also give the privacy of semi-private by keeping just a single part of the door open for access. The fine edges and panelling that have brass or copper handle on double doors could aid in enhancing the appearance of the door.

These doors also function as focal points to your design.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors with Sliding Mechanism

Image Credit: Thearchitecturedesigns.com

Doors that slide in the interior decors are utilised for different kinds of spaces. They are ideal for creating a balcony or an open space because they have more opening options and double doors are able to take up lots of space. They can also be used to open your closets and wardrobes since they are easy to use. Doors that slide are also utilised in bathrooms, toilets, storage space and more.

A mid-century style interior door influenced by the wood undertone and modern lines is the perfect addition to these rooms. Since sliding doors cover much of the walls, having a mid-century door that is minimalist in appearance and design can add a beautiful design to the rooms. Doors that slide are in high the market these days, so an edgy mid-century style sliding door is fashionable and add value to your interior decor.

Natural Wood Tone Mid-century Interior Doors

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

A wooden door that provides a rustic, natural look is a great choice when you are trying to find the perfect mid-century modern home doors. If you are looking to create a look of a farmhouse, picking doors like these is the best option. The wood sections and natural undertone provide a rustic style which is a USP of the décor. The delicate layers of wood and the use of the polish enhance the richness of the wood.

One door that has darker Shades of Wood

Image Credit: Houzz.com

A single door is the ideal kitchen or backdoors. It can also be used for doors for bedrooms as well as for areas for utility. The appeal of doors that have a darker shade of wooden is they create the impression of intrigue because they work well with walls with a soft colour scheme. The handles with darker shades function as an intriguing feature that can add elegance to the doors.

The latest Styled doors with geometric accents

Image Credit: Interiorcraze.com

Abstract and geometric artworks that are incorporated into spaces in doors for interior use are taking over. People are choosing the look of articulate doors over wall paints. They can make your home appear elegant and beautiful because these doors for interiors are stylish and elegant.

The geometric elements accentuated by the wood finish and design gives the doors an elegant look. They can also be paired with flooring made of wood and provide the appearance of a seamless design. Due to their elaborate and attractive aspect, they can be perfect for divisional space spaces like dining areas or living spaces.

White Doors

Image Credit: Architecturesideas.com

The white colour is a classic colour with a feeling of sleekness and minimalism that is in harmony with the mid-century style of interior door décor. It creates a feeling of calm and openness. If you’ve got small spaces in your home, white is the preferred colour that makes these spaces appear wide and open.

Pivot Doors

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

Pivot doors are a contemporary way of designing interiors. They are the most recent fashion in the market and have surpassed all the previous ones. Their primary reason is their stylish approach to useability. They are mostly utilised for connecting outdoor areas like balconies, porches and decks.

They may offer a glance that suggests you’ll need an enormous amount of effort to move these doors. However, that’s an unsubstantiated report. These doors are extremely simple to operate and use. They also add an interesting aspect to your interior due to their uniqueness.

A mid-century indoor door can be made using this style of pivoting through the use of wood as the main material, complemented by various accent elements and fittings for door handles as well as side panels. Even though they’re a bit expensive, they can give an air of luxury and also play inside.

White Paneled Doors

Image Credit: Architecturesideas.com

White panelled doors are the ideal option for your mid-century modern interiors due to the horizontal panels that provide an illusion of balance to your interior design. You can also decorate your doors with quirky farm animals or artwork to give them a unique look. But, make sure you select the material you use for your laminates with care because white can accumulate dust, so you’d not want to pick the door with numerous niches or intricate elements.

French Style Doors

Image Credit: Homedesignlover.com

The doors feature a single light source that uses sunlight from outside in the interiors. They also contribute to adding an element of fun to a home. Wood and its accents could be the perfect addition to the mid-century look.

They are ideal for studying or working spaces since they allow sunlight, essential for working. The introduction of green elements will bring outside into the inside with these mid-century doors.

Black Panelled Mid-Century Interior Doors

Image Credit: Interiorcraze.com

Black is a timeless colour that has the ability to bring a sense of timeless elegance and awe to your living spaces. The contemporary color is frequently used in home decor, which has proven to be a major element in the creation of classic masterpieces of interior design.

A mid-century-style interior door that is adorned with black panels could be the perfect accent to your decor and a color scheme which reflects the same. Black is a deep colour. 

That is why these panelled doors, along with their handles and fixtures, just make it look more stylish. Matt-based fixtures make perfect for the identical. In areas like study rooms or bedrooms, dining rooms or other areas, they can provide an element of exclusivity that is needed.

Crittall Doors

Image Credit: Livingetc.com

A french-style crittal style door is a beautiful version of interior doors. They provide a feeling of privacy while keeping openness. These doors, which are French in style, have a vintage appearance to the doors. Perfect for dining rooms or study spaces as well as balconies, These doors are timeless and in high demand!

Modern Interior Green Door

Credit: Houzz.com

Monochromatic colours are the latest trend. This is also true for an interior door from the mid-century era that is one shade in all, including its accents and its panels. A door that is completely green and matt could be a perfect choice for farmhouse-style rooms. They’re elegant and can bring a touch of class to your rooms. They can be used for bedrooms, study and library areas within the home.

Mid Century Interior Door with Multiple Panels

Image Credit: Thisoldhouse.com

If you’re looking to create an elegant space that transports us back into the 1950s of mid-century style architecture, These doors are a great choice. They draw inspiration from the motion and then create a the vintage and heritage look to your interiors. The golden knobs and handles, these doors will make your home appear royal.

Rustic Doors

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

Doors made of wood are believed to be a popular trend due to their natural appearance and style. They are perfect for partitions with a simple background. The wood’s layers can add to the appearance of your living spaces. With the steel accents that have a matt finish together, it can make the whole piece a focal point in your interior areas.

Kitchen Doors

Image Credit: Architecturaldigest.com

The doors to the kitchen are an essential element in our houses. They must be constructed so that the door is easily visible, and the noise must be reduced. Doors for kitchens are also an essential security feature for houses as they must keep other spaces to be safe from fire in the event of emergencies and also visible.

A mid-century-style interior door made of transparent panels of glass as well as white laminates might be a perfect choice to make them attractive and practical. There are many kinds of glass on the market, from clear and firm to start with, you may pick them according to your personal preference.

Pivot doors with glass

Image Credit: Modernsteeldoors.com

A pivot door made of wooden frames is an ideal feature for outdoor spaces, porches balconies and more. It can help create an ambiance that is lively in the interior by mixing with nature. The blend of nature and interiors can enhance the quality of your living space.

How to Find the Perfect Mid-Century Interior Door for You?

The modern mid-century architecture style is a classic. With the advancements in modern and cutting-edge fashions, this style has remained unaltered. It has taken a lot of inspiration from the current design. It has managed to create the perfect combination of many door styles for the interior. In this scenario, what should you consider when choosing the perfect door for your house?

The primary consideration for choosing the ideal door for an interior needs to be based on the result of the job expected of the space.

For instance, if you are looking for a door to your open spaces and balconies, it is important to think about the importance that natural lighting, simple access and connection to the outside. So, it is important to select mid-century style doors that offer the security and transparency you require.


Another instance would be the study areas. These spaces need to not be totally separate from the bedroom. There should be an occasional connection to the outside too. This is why you must select the doors in accordance with the requirements, and sliding doors can be an excellent choice since it can be used to shut them completely or even partially closed.

Every choice in the decorating your home should be made based on functional space, before shifting towards aesthetics. This means you will always be able to make the best choice about the kind of mid-century interior doors you will require to create stunning homes.

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